Global SIP

Global SIP provides an end to end regulated PSTN replacement service for voice connectivity in US, Europe and APAC.
It helps customers to consolidate their existing and future telephony base to a single supplier and product, delivering a common service experience for voice, as well as bringing the power of Vodafone’s voice to a tailored solution for your communication needs.
  • Single supplier for voice connectivity supporting all major types of IP endpoints.
  • End to end regulated voice, removing the need to deploy in country gateways or spread spend over multiple national providers.
  • Hybrid solution support to ease your transition from traditional voice services to an IP voice, and into full Unified Communications through your preferred suppliers.
  • Single customer experience, billing and contract, aligned to your overall Total Communications solution, ensuring a single throat to choke.
  • Ongoing investment in delivering a single global platform for fixed and mobile IP voice and video.
Global SIP delivers an optimised voice connectivity aligned to your Global WAN and optionally support Unified Communication services ensuring you always get the best connectivity for voice. It works by connecting customer services to a single global platform with a common feature set and service support, and utilising the power of Vodafone’s Carrier scale to deliver PSTN compliance and terminate calls at the highest quality and competitive price point.
Backed by our ownership of both fixed and mobile networks in multiple countries, and one of the markets leading Global WAN propositions, we always ensure there is full visibility, control, and quality for all of your critical communications, ensuring your organisation can always do business
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